Artist’s Statement

“For a split second, you thought you saw something impossible.”

That’s the moment I try to capture in my work. Since the distant past, people from different backgrounds have been gathering around the campfire to tell stories of the fantastic, the awe-inspiring, and the just plain weird. Using our modern world of office towers and cell phones as a backdrop, I explore the myths, ghost stories and fairy tales that provide common ground for the diverse people that live together in today’s cities.

A combination of digital and traditional media seems like the most appropriate way to re-create these old tales and ever-evolving tricks of the light. I sketch ideas, dreams and conversations on paper. My digital photos become both a reference for drawing and the occasional texture to collage into a piece. I paint over a plain black digital canvas, using a pen tablet to add translucent brushstrokes of colour. The final painting is a tiny piece of magical realism: a believable slice of daily life, with just a touch of magic.